Originally hailing from Germany, I called Brooklyn, NY my home for the last 12 years. There, I fell in love with the Pilates method. It was instrumental in curing my own back pain and improved my wellbeing and movement overall tremendously. I was immediately hooked and made Pilates part of my weekly workout regimen. (more like 3-4 times a week, that’s how hooked I was). My wish to dive deeper into the method and drive to learn more (and eventually become a teacher) made me pursue the comprehensive certification with Balanced Body University. Under the tutelage of Lesley Powell, CMA, Doris Pastelleur Hall and Denise Small I learned early on how important the individual approach was not one fits all but listening and observing each clients body is essential.

I was fortunate to study kinesiology with the remarkable Irene Dowd and continued my Pilates education with the best in the business throughout the years. A great deal of my continuing education was spent on Pilates for Rehabilitation and my extensive studies vary from Joe’s original work to the classical repertoire being able to cater to the varying needs and wants of my clients and develop regimens suitable for all levels and bodies.

My deep attraction to Pilates is derived from the intelligence and completeness of the technique.  Working intensely and sensitively in the Pilates Technique not only strengthens the body, but also provides the potential to to deepen into that vast greatness that the WHOLE human being is.pic2

Currently I am enjoying life in the high desert town of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Please visit my business site at www.risepilates.com for inquiries and private appointments.

I am a life long student and love to share my knowledge of the body and it’s amazing ability to relearn function and heal.

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